Shih-Chun Candice Lung


Prof. Shih-Chun Candice Lung received her doctoral degree from School of Public Health, Harvard University, double majored in Environmental Pollution and Environmental Health Management. She is currently a research fellow in Research Center for Environmental Changes and also the Director of International Affairs in the Center for Sustainability Science of Academia Sinica, Taipei. Prof. Lung's research interests are in air pollution exposure science, risk assessment, and environmental change and public health. She is the project leader of “Vulnerability Assessment for Heat Wave and Relevant Adaptation Strategy Recommendations” with an integrated research framework connecting scientists from environmental sciences, information technology, public health, and social sciences, to conduct solution-oriented project in order to reduce health risks during heat waves. She also has led a green transportation project aiming for assessing co-benefit of green transportation planning on health and climate change adaptation with a systems approach; this project was approved and endorsed by ICSU-ROAP. She has been interviewed by press and media reporters regarding her research findings on air pollution exposure science many times. Besides research, she is actively participating in science-policy dialogue. She has been invited to be join various committees in several government agencies regarding pollution control, health adaptation, and sustainable planning.